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Hunniford hurt by falling angel

Gloria Hunniford has appeared on TV with her hand bandaged and revealed that it was crushed by a falling angel.

The Loose Women presenter blamed "stupidity on my part" after she tried to move a giant bronze angel statue in her home.

"My ring finger, the bone is completely crushed and the tendon is broken," she said.

She told her fellow Loose Women panellists: "We have a couple of very tall angels. I love angels ...They are made of bronze and it would take three men to lift one.

"It's really heavy and I stupidly thought I would waltz it across a couple of inches. A boy angel and a girl angel. It's the boy in this case that took me down."

Hunniford said that it would take around "four or five weeks" to recover and that she had undergone a two-hour operation.

Talking about the accident, she said: "Had the angel gone (fallen) this way, I would have fallen back on my head and it would have crushed me right here (on her chest). So I'm lucky."


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