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Hunted for show: Channel 4 puts 14 members of public off grid


A new Channel 4 show called Hunted is being broadcast

A new Channel 4 show called Hunted is being broadcast

A new Channel 4 show called Hunted is being broadcast

A GP, a newlywed couple and two brothers are amongst those going off grid and trying to avoid detection in Channel 4's new show.

Fourteen members of the public have chosen to go on the run for five weeks, giving up their mobile phones, credit cards and any contact with their family or friends for Hunted, which airs on Channel 4 tonight.

They will be tracked by a team of 12 surveillance experts, both in the headquarters and out in the field, which is led by former head of counter terrorism Brett Lovegrove, who now works for private companies that specialise in counter terrorism, risk analysis and surveillance.

Dr Ricky Allen, a father-of-three from south London, said he wanted to take part because of his dislike for authority figures and he hopes his medical knowledge and camping skills will combine to help him outwit the hunters.

He said: "I have three kids and my family are everything to me. The surveillance state will be a threat to the way they live, their quality of life in the years to come so I'm doing this because the power of the state frightens me and I want to prove that I can beat them."

Leicester brothers Dove and Harry Singh want this experience to challenge people's prejudices. They plan to stay off the grid by visiting temples, mosques and churches and relying on the "kindness of others".

Harry said: "I've got a beard and he's got a beard - you probably think 'terrorist'. But I want to rely on people, I want to interact. I don't want to be hiding."

Tech-obsessed newlyweds Adam and Emma Channell expect to put their marriage to the test with this experience, but Adam said having a surveillance state means "you have to trust those in power to use it well".

Jacqui Omer has chosen to go on the run with her son's live-in boyfriend Freddie Young, who said he will miss clean clothes, hairspray and his phone while he is offline.

Freddie said: "She ain't a criminal or anything - but I think she's got the mentality to be one."

Hunted airs at 9pm on Channel 4 tonight.