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Huq tips One Direction for success

Konnie Huq has tipped One Direction for success on The X Factor - because women of all ages love them.

The host said it helps that the boyband is a five-piece, as there's "someone for everyone" in the group.

At the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Years awards, she said: "I just think One Direction will do really well. Everywhere I go girls come up to me - even when they're not young girls but grown women - and say 'Oh my gosh, One Direction are amazing'.

"When I'm out and about everyone is 'One Direction this, One Direction that. I like Harry, I like Zain, I like Louis.' There are five of them so if you think about it there's one for everyone."

She admitted, however, that Cheryl Cole still has a good chance of her third consecutive win with her category of the girls.

"Cheryl has got the strongest category so maybe she's on track for a hat-trick but I think Simon is really confident. He's down to one act but he says it's quality not quantity."

She also defended controversial contestant Wagner's inclusion in the show.

"Ever since popular music begin there has been a space for novelty acts. We all remember Star Trekking Across The Universe and so on, and Jedward, in a way."


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