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Hurley to play queen in The Royals

Elizabeth Hurley is set to get a role fit for a queen as she's signed up for the lead part in The Royals.

The new TV series on E! is a contemporary drama about a fictional royal family with Elizabeth's character as the queen, according to Deadline.

She will play devious and conflicted Queen Helena who is struggling to cope with the death of her eldest son and the crisis of confidence it brings to her husband King Simon.

Queen Helena also sets about trying to derail the growing relationship between her middle son and his American girlfriend.

The Royals is "inspired by the opulence of the British monarchy and the power struggle atmosphere of Hamlet, with a tone that is part fairytale, part cautionary tale".

It is described as being a show about men and women who are corrupted by power, desire and wealth.

The pilot is an hour long and is made by One Tree Hill team creator Mark Schwahn and producers Brian Robbins and Joe Davola.


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