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Hynes adores pouty PR character

Jessica Hynes has confessed she would love to be her W1A character - pouty and ditzy PR Siobhan Sharpe.

The 41-year-old actress and writer plays technology-addicted, jargon-dropping big-haired Siobhan in the hit BBC comedy, and insisted it wasn't a problem getting out of character after a day of pouting and ending every sentence with: "Yah, sure."

Jessica said: "I don't ever want to stop being Siobhan. I want to be Siobhan, I'd like to be. I like the clothes, the attitude, I just love her.

"I think she's quite lonely, that's the only thing... But she's got her phone, and she's got her company, she's got her incredible wardrobe. I love being her, it's a lot of fun."

The Up The Women star - who appears in Pudsey The Dog: The Movie - revealed there would be a new series of W1A in January.

She said: "We're doing a one-hour special and then three more episodes I think."

And Jessica can't wait for the second series of Up The Women - her period comedy about a group of suffragettes, starring Rebecca Front, Vicki Pepperdine, Emma Pierso, Judy Parfitt, Georgia Groome, Ryan Sampson and Adrian Scarborough - to return to screens.

She said: " We've finished the series, that's in the can, it's going to be on BBC Two some time this year, or next year.

"I'm so excited, because we had an amazing team on it, an amazing cast, and they were all really brilliant. I'm really proud and pleased and we can't wait to get it out on telly. Because it's just a really fun performance-led comedy."


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