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Hynes: I love pretending to be glam

Twenty Twelve star Jessica Hynes has confessed she loves playing shallow PR Siobhan because she would never wear such glamorous clothes in real life.

The Royle Family star returns in the second series of the BBC Olympics spoof comedy, co-starring Hugh Bonneville and Olivia Colman.

Jessica, mother of three young children, said: "I love her costumes because they're so different to what I wear. She's pretty buttoned up, glamorous and kind of well turned out, and I can enjoy pretending that I'm that for the time that I'm there.

"I'm usually a bit more casual - jeans and stuff like that. It would be quite hard to do what I do in six inch heels."

The Spaced star admits she "didn't get around" to buying Olympics tickets herself, but will be cheering from the sofa when July comes around.

She said: "I'm a big fan, I love athletics. It's probably my favourite event but I'll watch anything. I love sport, especially when it's the Olympics, it has a universal appeal."

:: Twenty Twelve begins on BBC Two on Friday, March 30.


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