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'I can see the inscription on your tombstone' - Stalker made Christine Lampard's life a misery

Christine with her husband Frank Lampard
Christine with her husband Frank Lampard

By Tony O'Sullivan

A wannabe actor pleaded guilty yesterday to sending sinister tweets to Northern Ireland TV star Christine Lampard during a near three-year stalking campaign.

Besotted Christof King convinced himself there was the chance of a relationship with the Loose Women star

King (39) of Bishops Lodge, 2 Mowbray Road, West Hampstead, believed that Christine (39) who married ex-Chelsea and England footballer Frank Lampard (39) in December, 2015 had communicated with him during television broadcasts.

However, Isleworth Crown Court heard Christine blocked King on Twitter in 2015 after he tweeted to her: "I can hear the screech of nails as I sharpen them before your crucifixion."

He also tweeted: "I can see the inscription on your tombstone."

After the 2015 tweets King sent letters last year to her £11m Chelsea home and visited the address, forcing Christine to cower behind her living-room sofa.

He pleaded guilty to one count of stalking involving serious alarm or distress between January 1, 2015 and October 14, 2017.

However, King does not concede the tweets amount to stalking or knowing his behaviour caused her distress, forcing Christine to attend the court on Monday for a special hearing to decide that point.

This will determine the full extent of his stalking campaign and the court will hear evidence from Mrs Lampard herself, from behind a screen.

Prosecutor Alastair Smith told the court: "This is an allegation of a sustained period of harassment targeted against the complainant, who is a TV presenter, for two-and-a-half years.

"It seems to be based on a pre-destined emotional connection and comments made by the complainant on television.

"There was two months of tweeting. Ten to 15 tweets and they are described by the complainant as 'dark and disturbing'."

King's lawyer John Oliver said: "The tweets were sent two years before Mr King sent a series of letters to the home of the complainant.

"She feels the sending of the letters comes just before an escalation.

"He did visit her home, which did cause distress."

Christine gave a statement to police on October 13 last year and confirmed there had been two months of disturbing tweets from King in 2015.

"She blocked these tweets," said Mr Oliver, "there was then a period of two years before the letters were sent.

"She felt anxiety on the day he arrived at the address and felt the need to hide behind the sofa."

King, wearing an open-neck white shirt and dark grey suit only spoke to confirm his name and was bailed by Judge Robin Johnson on condition he does not contact Christine.

Outside, a relaxed and smiling King, referring to Monday's hearing, said: "It's going to be horrendous, but you have to do it don't you?"

King has appeared in a series of low-budget productions, student films and Secret Cinema shows, which combine live performances with screenings.

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