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I can't blame fame or The X Factor for my demons, says Janet Devlin


Addictions: Janet Devlin

Addictions: Janet Devlin

Addictions: Janet Devlin

Troubled Tyrone pop singer Janet Devlin has opened up about her struggles with alcoholism, internet trolls and self-destructive behaviour.

The Gortin-born singer first hit the headlines in 2012, when she shot to fame at age 16 through an appearance on the wildly popular X Factor talent show.

Now 25, she has built a career in the music industry, capitalising on the opportunities represented by new internet technologies.

But she said her music fame and the pressures it has brought had not triggered her descent into alcoholism and self-destructive behaviour.

"I had starting acting on addictive behaviours as early as 12," she told the Sunday Times Culture magazine.

"So I really had a bit of a messed up brain before television even happened.

"I wish I could look at the show and say, 'Oh, that was the catalyst for my self-hatred' or my drinking, or anything.

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"Unfortunately it wasn't - it was already very present in my life."

Janet told the magazine that X Factor had in fact helped her control her behaviours.

"The show actually gave me some awareness that when I have something to work towards, I don't act out my addictive behaviour so much.

"When I had a goal every weekend of performing, I wasn't doing any thing self-destructive during the week. So it taught me a very valuable life lesson.

The singer, who is promoting her new album - called Confessional - said she had endured a decade of online criticism.

"It's been 10 years now of people hurling abuse, so it honestly doesn't get bother me," she said.

"Even though I've been through a lot of stuff, I've come out the other end knowing who I am, what I stand for, and what makes me tick.

"And having that knowledge, especially at a young age, makes the next bit of my life easier to navigate."

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