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'I get a wee bit nervous before going on air ... but I still love it after 40 years'


Trevor Campbell

Trevor Campbell

Trevor Campbell

The 70-year-old presents on Downtown Radio each weekday from 7pm. He lives with his partner Vi in Moneyrea.

My best moment

Being inducted into the Irish Radio Hall of Fame last month is certainly my best recent moment. I received a letter notifying me about the event, then a couple of weeks later attended the ceremony at the Irish Broadcasting Authority in Dublin with three others. Now, there's a rather nice plaque with my photo on it on the wall there. But another great moment was in December 1975 when John Anderson offered me the job on Downtown Radio which would go on air on in March 1976 - 40 years ago.

My best song

Brian Ferry's Let's Stick Together. I always loved it and for a long time it was my opening tune when I DJ'd at the Chimney Corner on a Saturday night. It's a cracker song that would have everyone dancing. A close second is For The Good Times which was written by Kris Kristofferson and recorded by both Ray Price and Elvis Presley.

My best way to relax

Watching television - because I'm on air five nights a week. It's nice at the weekend to curl up and watch all the things we've recorded during the week. Thanks to modern technology you only have to watch the things you really enjoy these days.

My best advice

If a job's worth doing it's worth doing right - my father told me that, although I've only just started reusing it.

My best job

Working in radio for 40 years. Before that I was in the civil service for 10 years and started doing some DJing at discos in 1970. I've always loved music and radio from a young age when I tuned into Radio Luxembourg - bad reception and all. When I was at the Irish Radio Hall of Fame I was very proud to see Ronan O'Rahilly there. He was the man who started the pirate music station Radio Caroline - his plaque is just down from mine. I've never wanted or tried to do anything else but what I do. I'm always happy playing on the radio and still get a wee bit nervous just before I go on air - but I always look forward to it.

My best movie

Casablanca and it always has been. It's a great love story and I love Humphrey Bogart. While I'm not a massive movie buff there are a few I really love and that's the best.

My best gift

My first car my father gave to me when I was 18 - an Austin A35. I was always crazy about cars so it was terrific to have your own set of wheels at that age.

My best achievement

Driving a truck 66 miles around Co Fermanagh in the Irvinestown Marie Curie Truckers' Convoy four years ago. I'm the presenter on the DVD recording for it, then one year they asked me to take part. I had to learn how to drive the truck - and was able to do it with a provisional HGV licence.

My best buy

My rescue dog Eva 13 years ago. She's a black Labrador cross and is the most intelligent and affectionate dog ever.

My best book

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and I like thrillers and anything by Lee Child.

Interview by Kerry McKittrick

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