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I got a kiss, says Piers Morgan after giving football shirt gift to Susanna Reid

Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan finally managed to get a kiss from c o-presenter Susanna Reid, after presenting her with an early birthday present.

Morgan gave Reid a signed shirt from her favourite football team: Crystal Palace, with her age, 45, emblazoned on the back.

ITV's Reid is celebrating turning 45 tomorrow and was so delighted with her gift, she put it on immediately.

"Just when I thought you couldn't get any sexier... ", Morgan then quipped after she had put the shirt on.

An enthusiastic Reid commented: "It says Reid on the back... 45... thank you very much... I love it!"

She then leaned over and gave Morgan a thank you kiss, which got him exclaiming: "I got a kiss! Boom!"

Days earlier Morgan jokingly tried to get her to kiss him under the mistletoe during the show, but Reid made a hasty dash away from him.

"Very generous of him, as an Arsenal fan, to give me a shirt from London's finest football club," Reid said about her gift. "It has the number 45 printed on the back - and I will wear my age with pride."


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