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I had 9/11 dream before attack, says Christine

By Staff Reporter

Christine Lampard has revealed how she was left shook up after she dreamed about being in a plane used in the 9/11 terror attack - before it happened.

The 38-year-old Newtownards broadcaster spoke about her premonition on Loose Women in a section about destiny.

"I was in the plane within the dream," she said. "I had a dream about 9/11. I woke up after it in such a state and I told my mum.

"And I was in work the day it happened and I thought, I saw that.

"I was in the plane within the dream. I knew there was chaos. I could see the cockpit and I could see hundreds of windows. It happened days before it happened."

She added: "I am a common sense person. I am willing for someone to explain it. I'm not claiming anything. There probably was something that sparked it, but it shook me up for days afterwards."

But not everyone was impressed with Christine's ability to see the future, with one tweeter wondering why she hadn't done anything to prevent the attack.

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