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'I need a man!' Stephen Nolan struggles with flat tyre

Stephen Nolan has recounted one of his more emotional journeys, telling the tale of how a flat tyre left him close to tears at the side of the road.

The heavyweight broadcaster was driving from his 'Fantasy Island' home in Strangford Lough to have his car seen to because of a "soft tyre" only for it to run out of air and break down on Saturday.

Nolan – who admitted knowing nothing about cars – struggled at first to find the tools needed only for him to then put the jack in the wrong way for it to get stuck.

"I was close to tears," he told his listeners on the Stephen Nolan radio show.

"I needed a man!"

That man turned out to be Mark Geehan from Quinn's Motors of Portaferry who came to the rescue and got him back on the road again.

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