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I wish Theresa May all the best as PM, says Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey has said Theresa May faces "an impossible job" after she became the UK's second female prime minister.

The Who frontman was speaking on Wednesday at a launch in London for Cuvee Roger Daltrey - the singer's limited edition champagne.

Asked what he thought of the new prime minister, Daltrey told the Press Association: "That is an impossible job. Every one of them does their best."

Daltrey referred to Margaret Thatcher, the country's first female prime minister, as he complimented May.

He added: "They're all well-meaning people. All you can do is wish her all the best. Women tend to do better at it than men, that's for sure.

"You girls are better at managing the house then any man. It's a thankless task and in the end, something will sink you."

But London-born Daltrey, 72, also said he was optimistic about the aftermath of the EU referendum.

"Everybody seems to be very negative about Brexit, and I'm not. I'm very positive about it," he stated.

Daltrey continued: "Every time in my life, when a door has closed, five more have opened. I think we do have to look at it like that.

"It's a very big world out there. It's no darker today than it was the day before we voted."

Cuvee Roger Daltrey was made to toast the rock band's ongoing The Who Hits 50! tour, which started in their 50th anniversary year of 2014.

It also celebrates their 1969 rock-opera album, Tommy.

The label on a bottle of Cuvee Roger Daltrey, produced by the Charles Orban Champagne vineyard, has Daltrey's signature, The Who's bullseye logo, as well as artist Mike McInnerney's famous Tommy album artwork.

The champagne, which will sell at £95 a bottle, was also created in association with Eminent Life, a company dedicated to celebrating excellence in music and the arts.

A percentage of proceeds from sales of the champagne will go to Teen Cancer America, a charity founded by Daltrey and The Who's lead guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend.


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