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I would love to appear on Strictly, says Bear Grylls: Mission Survive winner


Alex Scott said the celebrities wanted to live up to Bear Grylls' expectations

Alex Scott said the celebrities wanted to live up to Bear Grylls' expectations

Alex Scott said the celebrities wanted to live up to Bear Grylls' expectations

Bear Grylls: Mission Survive winner Alex Scott has said she would "grab" the opportunity to take part in Strictly Come Dancing.

The England footballer, who also captains Arsenal Ladies, proved herself the ultimate survivor on ITV's uncompromising survival expedition in Africa, led by Grylls.

The Northern Ireland-born adventurer pushed Scott, Jason Gardiner from Dancing On Ice and actress Samantha Barks to their psychological and physical limits in Thursday's final.

"When I reflect on the show, it was the most amazing, incredible adventure ever," 31-year-old Scott said.

"Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face even though at times I was terrified. I faced my fears, but we did some horrible stuff."

The challenging tasks included drinking their own urine, eating a fish eye, diving off high drops and, perhaps worst of all, a rectal rehydration.

An alternative method of replacing fluids in the body without having to drink dirty water, it made for wince-inducing television.

When asked about undergoing the rectal rehydration, Scott said the celebrities wanted to live up to Grylls' expectations.

"So much was thrown at us - we were tired, we were hungry - and then when Bear showed us that, we were all like: 'Is this real?'"

"I think at that stage, we thought we were all dreaming. But that is a serious message for anyone in a survival situation - it's a tool you can use."

The Londoner continued: "When you look back at the show, family members and friends are like: 'Why didn't you just say no?'

"But when you're in a situation like that, you just don't want to disappoint Bear. Whatever he throws at you, you just want to give it a go."

She added: "It's only now when you look back at it, you're like: 'Really, Alex. Why did you do it?'"

Scott, whose father is Bajan, frequently pays tribute to her mother Carol. She did so once again after winning Mission Survive.

She said: "From an early age, my mum set in me and my brother that you don't make excuses, you keep going no matter what life throws at you.

"I think you saw that with me on the show. I wanted to keep going until the end."

The defender said she is looking at what lies ahead once her footballing career is over.

"Growing up, I always loved Strictly Come Dancing so if that one came knocking, I would definitely grab that with both hands."

Scott added: "I look up to females, not just in the sporting world, people like Gabby Logan and Clare Balding who are flying the flag for female sports broadcasters.

"I would love that to be my next adventure and continue down that path when I'm done with football."

But despite the ITV show playing a part raising her profile, Scott remains a passionate advocate for women's football.

She said: "One of the reasons I agreed to do Mission Survive in the first place was because I wanted to take my sport to a whole new audience.

"I've seen loads of messages on social media saying that people would be so proud if their daughter was to take up football and be a professional footballer like me.

"When we have an England men's player doing an appearance somewhere, why can't we have an England female player alongside them? That would start to change attitudes and the sport would be more accepted in general as well."