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I would make a terrible detective says renowned crime writer Ian Rankin

Renowned crime writer Ian Rankin has admitted he would make a pretty "terrible" detective in real life.

In an online discussion with his fans, he said that his inability to work in a team, and work out the killer in other people's murder mystery stories, would hold him back from the job.

While he provides the brains behind one of the most famous fictional detective inspectors in modern literature, John Rebus, he tweeted: "I'd make a terrible detective. Not a team player for a start. Never work out who the killer is in whodunnits."

His disclosure came as part of a live Q&A session on Twitter, where fans asked him a number of questions comparing him with his famous Fife-born character.

Commenting on the biggest difference between himself and Rebus, played by Ken Stott in the ITV remake, he added: "Same background but v different personalities. I'm more liberal. He smokes more ... "

Having written 20 Rebus novels, he said he has no set plans to write another - but did not rule it out completely.

He also teased that he would "consider" writing another play and had plans for some short stories this year.


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