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Ice stars skating with future wives

Sam Attwater and David Seaman believe they have more to worry about than slipping up on this year's Dancing On Ice - as they have the added pressure of partnering their fiances.

David is engaged to Frankie Poultney while Sam is to marry Vicky Ogden - but both said they hoped their romances would add to their skating chemistry rather than landing them in trouble at home if the routines did not work out.

Former EastEnders actor Sam said: "If we skate to a romantic song and [the judges] say there's no chemistry, there's something to worry about.

"It's just nice for us to be able to do it and spend time with each other, because if I wasn't doing that show, we wouldn't see each other. For me to see how Vicky works, that's all very exciting."

But Sam said he was confident their partnership would not turn frosty: "We made a rule before we started that what happens on the ice stays on the ice, so from day one we put that out there and said that when we go home, we're not going to argue about it.

"To be honest, when we are on the ice we've only argued maybe two or three times and then I realised that Vicky's the pro and I need to shut up so we just got on with it."

He admitted: "I'd love to win it with Vicky because we're getting married this year and to win it would just be the best year ever."

Ex-England goalkeeper David said the judges would have a hard time if they dared to accuse his duo of lacking a spark between them : "I dare them to say that to Frankie, she'd have them, followed up by me - she's got big back-up."

He added: "My aim is just to not drop Frankie because the sofa's not a comfortable place and I don't want to be sleeping on it."

Dancing On Ice returns to ITV on January 5.


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