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Ice-T: ‘I’m teaching my youngest to obey all adults’

Ice-T is convinced controversy to sell records isn’t worth the trouble.

Ice-T will make sure his baby daughter learns to "obey" adults when she's old enough.

The rapper and actor welcomed little girl Chanel with his wife Nicole ‘Coco Marie’ Austin in November 2015, who joins his two older children Letesha and Tracy, and he's determined to raise her in the right way.

"When my new baby is old enough to understand me, I'll tell her to obey adults no matter who they may be," he told Q magazine. "A lot of people say, 'Only obey your parents.' F**k that. I believe 99.9 per cent of adults are gonna tell kids the right thing. I don't like kids who say, 'I don't listen to you cos you ain't my momma, you ain't my daddy.' There's nothing worse than a rat-a*s kid talking back."

The 59-year-old went on to share more pearls of wisdom he has picked up throughout his life, one being that controversy is overrated. He insists that rather than selling records negative news can do damage as it causes too many unnecessary problems.

“With (my 1992 Body Count track) Cop Killer, If found out first-hand what it was like to have a whole country after you,” he recalled. “The President says your name, you got police all over the world hearing this one guy made this record about killing them. You go in the cross hairs. You’re that image that Public Enemy made.”

At the time of the song’s release, President George H. W. Bush denounced any record company planning to release the song and many retail stores around the globe pulled the track from its shelves. Warner Bros. Records executives even received death threats, and some stockholders threatened to pull out of the company due to the song.

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