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‘I’m Connor Phillamilton’: BBC host Connor Philips announces name change


All smiles: Connor Phillips with wife Holly Hamilton

All smiles: Connor Phillips with wife Holly Hamilton

All smiles: Connor Phillips with wife Holly Hamilton

Radio Ulster host Connor Phillips had some listeners scratching their heads today after allegedly changing his name by deed poll, to include that of his wife’s.

Connor, who is married to fellow BBC presenter Holly Hamilton, introduced himself at the start of his mid-morning slot as ‘I’m Connor Phillamilton’ but didn’t elaborate on the amalgamated name.

The show’s jingles and voice-overs were also adapted, to reveal his new name, which he had unveiled on Twitter the night before.

In a late night post, the father-of-one announced that he was changing his name by deed poll, but later deleted the tweet. His profile name on the social media platform remained changed, however, to his new, combined one.

As the show continued in the normal fashion – save for the jingles and voice-overs – many listeners caught on to the fact he was playing an April Fool’s Day prank.

But others fell for the joke.

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“It started out with me changing my name on Twitter, to reflect a very progressive, 21st century couple,” Connor said.

“I had a screenshot from the Government website’s ‘change your name by deed poll’ page and included that.

“There was a mixed response, but a few people on Twitter caught on to what I was at so I took it down.

“Then on Thursday morning’s show, when I normally say ‘Hi, I’m Connor Phillips’, I introduced myself instead as Connor Phillamilton, and said nothing more. I have to admit though, it was a mouthful to say.

“Texts started coming in from listeners, with some saying: ‘My God, what have you done?’ and ‘What the heck is going on?’.

“The funny thing is, a few people commented on the jingle having changed but didn’t even mention the name thing!”

Halfway through the show, Connor slipped up and said his real name but quickly corrected himself. Then, just as the show was about to end, he reminded the audience that it was April Fool’s Day.

“We have a segment in the show where people can ask our producer random things, so we asked ‘why do penguins live in the wild in Lough Neagh?’. We got people texting in to tell us this wasn’t true.

“Because the nature of the show is light and you don’t have to think too hard, I suspect a lot of people knew what we were at. But going by the texts, plenty others fell for our April Fool.”

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