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I'm glad I reconciled with Bap before he died, says Brian Kennedy

Final goodbye: Brian Kennedy
Final goodbye: Brian Kennedy
Bap and Brenda Kennedy

By Angela Rainey

Belfast singer Brian Kennedy has spoken about his reconciliation with his brother Bap before the former Energy Orchard frontman's death last year.

The musician siblings, from the Falls Road in west Belfast, drifted apart over 20 years ago.

Then both were diagnosed with cancer only months apart.

In an interview with RTE, Brian spoke candidly about how the pair finally patched things up.

He said: "We were very profoundly estranged, let's call it what it is.

"I was one of six children and big families are either really close or they are not close at all.

"And very sadly he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last May, then he died on the first of November.

"I was very fortunate that I didn't miss my window and I contacted him.

"We hadn't seen each other for about 20 years.

Bap and Brenda Kennedy

"Really it had gone too far and I think estrangement is like a very bad habit too - it just takes roots and it is very difficult to get away.

"I knew he was very unwell and I didn't want to cause any negativity or any more pressure but I sent an email and it was received very warmly and I went to sit with him then for an hour and a half at his house."

Brian said he knew it would be the last time they ever saw each other and they shared a hug.

He added: "I remember my mantra was, 'never mind what's the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do, what's the kind thing to do?'.

"I wanted to do the kindest thing, as the minute you start saying 'he said, she said', there's no point really, the clock was ticking.

"We had wasted enough time.

"We talked about music and different things and he was very forthright, he knew he wasn't long for the world.

"It was a wonderful way of saying goodbye.

"I am just so glad when it happened because now when I see a picture of him I think of him really peacefully.

"And if I hear his music on the radio I think 'there he is'.

"I wanted him to know that I was there absolutely for him in that moment."

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