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Indignation of Eamonn Holmes over Alice Beer's Irish Famine 'joke'

Holmes cannot hide annoyance over co-presenter's potatoes remark

By Staff Reporter

Eamonn Holmes could not hide his irritation after an English TV presenter made a "joke" about the Irish Famine on This Morning.

Alice Beer was presenting a segment on the ITV show where she was showing the correct foods to store in a fridge.

Belfast-born broadcaster Holmes was questioning her on the storage of potatoes when she made the gaffe live on air.

As the presenter of The Great Fridge Debate show segment, Beer suggested people should store their spuds in the fridge.

"I'm from Ireland," Eamonn protested.

"You don't put potatoes in the fridge."

Beer responded: "You want to preserve the life of your potatoes.

"You Irish should know that."

She added: "There was a bit of a shortage once upon a time."

A quick camera shot of Eamonn's face showed his disdain as the presenters continued the discussion.


Angry viewers took to the social media platform Twitter in large numbers to complain about the remark.

One person wrote: "Nothing like a bit of casual racism & making light of a million people's deaths, but it's only the Irish so it doesn't matter."

Another tweeted: "Shortage of potatoes comment was a bit of a low blow."

Beer later took to her own Twitter account to say sorry.

She said: "I apologise for the insensitivity of my comment, which of course was never intended to offend. It was stupid."

Eamonn himself is no stranger to controversy.

Just last week he annoyed some parents when he expressed his anger at having to travel next to noisy children on planes. Attempting to explain his strong opinion, the 56-year-old Belfast man said if he pays for something, he should have the luxury of choice.

He said: "What makes life miserable is that I've paid for my holiday - I've got one week off all year.

"I just want to get on that plane and watch my movie, or sleep, or whatever it happens to be. I just want the choice."

Questioned over the sensitive issue, he simply responded: "I paid for the ticket, why not? I don't want your children next to me."

Airing their opinion, one Twitter user said: "Someone needs to invest in better headphones…"

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