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Ireland out of Eurovision before the grand final

By Kirsty Blake Knox

Ireland's hopes of Eurovision glory came to an end last night in Kiev.

Brendan Murray delivered a solid performance of single Dying to Try, but he failed to make it into the contest's Grand Final, to be held in the Ukrainian capital tomorrow.

Speaking afterwards, Brendan described his time on stage as "the best three minutes of my life".

"Life is full of knocks but I am taking it on the chin and tomorrow is another day," he said.

RTE's head of delegation, Michael Kealy, said the result was "extremely disappointing".

"It's a completely different competition to how it was when we used to win back in the 90s," he added.

More than 200m people are expected to tune into the Eurovision final tomorrow night.

Former X Factor hopeful Lucie Jones will represent the UK with Never Give Up On You.

The UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy got an automatic pass to the final, as they contribute the most money to the competition.

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