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Irish man who penned McGregor song 'hopes to launch music career'

The Irish man who penned a tribute song to Conor McGregor says he is hoping to launch his own music career after the track went viral last week.

Kildare school teacher Mick Konstantin posted the song 'There's Only One Conor McGregor' on Facebook ahead of the Irish fighter's clash with boxer Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas later this month.

The catchy tune has so far had more than three million views, with McGregor inviting Mick to Las Vegas to watch the fight because he loved the song so much.

Mick told Independent.ie he "nearly started crying" with excitement when he got the call.

"Music is a big part of my life but I really love my job as a teacher also," he said. "Music has always just been a hobby, and singing for my friends before nights out was the main thing for me.

"I really enjoy writing songs, especially funny ones people get a kick out of and enjoy.

"I still think it's mad when I hear people singing my lyrics!  I've always dreamed of actually being a musician, just doing music, but I never saw it as realistic."

Mick has now recorded the McGregor song which will be released on most streaming sites.

It's the second time he has had success with one of his tracks - his song 'Taking Over France' went viral last year ahead Euro 2016.

Mick said: "Between having a number one last summer on iTunes with Taking Over France, and now this, I actually am going to consider a career in music.

"I have a few people working with me now and looking it to how we can take all of this further, build on it, and start getting serious about it."

He joked he would be keeping his ideas "close to his chest" before adding: "I don't want someone getting in ahead of me with a song about the same thing. I was so worried someone was going to come out with a song about McGregor before me!"

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