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Irishman who hates St Patrick's Day reacts to going viral online: ‘I didn’t think there were that many eejits in the world’

By Patricia Murphy

An Irish man who went viral online after sharing his thoughts on St Patrick’s Day has said that the 700k people who viewed the video are "eejits".

TV3’s Midday caught up with the Dublin man they featured on the programme earlier in the week to inform him that a video in which he shared his true feelings about St Patrick’s Day had been viewed hundreds of thousands of times online.

“I didn’t think there were that many eejits in the world,” he said.

The reporter asked him whether he spent his bank holiday in the garden with his dog as he had planned but viewers were shocked that he actually admitted tuning into the parade.

“I sat in the garden and played with my dogs. I looked at about two minutes of that parade and I had to go get my sick bucket.

The sooner the government do away with Paddy’s Day mumbo jumbo the better,” he said.

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