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'It's harder than it looks': Armstrong and Osman swap Pointless roles

Richard Osman said his Pointless co-host Alexander Armstrong's role was "harder than it looks" as the pair swapped places to mark the 1,000th episode of the quiz show.

Armstrong was sat in Osman's seat behind the desk and Osman was stood at the podium as the landmark episode opened on BBC1.

The pair did not directly refer to their switch, but Osman teasingly said: "I think we should have done something different for it, do you not... Shake it up a bit or something?"

The presenters both appeared to be comfortable with their different roles, although at one point Osman noted: "I think we are both appreciating that the other person's job is harder than it looks!"

On social media, viewers were divided about the swap, with some finding it entertaining but others insisting Osman and Armstrong worked better in their usual positions.

One fan posted a message on Twitter saying that the move was "sheer brilliance".

But another tweeted: "#Pointless is messing with my head today.

"Love the effort from the boys but let that be a lesson to us - stick to what you do brilliantly."

The episode saw the return of previous contestants, including the winners of the first ever Pointless jackpot in 2009.

Osman said at the end: "Thank you so much for joining us on our 1,000th show... We love making the show, we love that you watch it."

He also thanked Armstrong for the last 999 shows, and "less so" the 1,000th, and said it had been "nothing but a pleasure".


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