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I've moved on and I'm so much happier, insists Caroline Wozniacki, so stop asking me about Rory

By Claire McNeilly

There was a time when Caroline Wozniacki couldn't stop talking about Rory McIlroy.

Now, however, the tennis ace doesn't want to have to utter his name ever again.

It's 15 months since Caroline's engagement to Northern Ireland's multi Major-winning golfer ended courtesy of a brusque three-minute phone call from Rory just days after the couple's wedding invitations had been sent out.

Now the 25-year-old Dane says she's fed up fielding questions about her ex and has urged the media to "move on" from the high-profile break-up of May 2014.

Caroline's initial plan - to stay silent on the issue - changed after McIlroy issued a press release about the 'uncoupling', prompting Caroline to pass some remarks on social media and agree to one interview about her personal life.

"At that point, I didn't really have a choice but to speak out, because obviously Rory made it really public from the start," she told the New York Post.

"Everybody was asking me questions and expecting me to say something. I just thought it was more important for me to talk out loud once and get it over with."

Caroline, who has been romantically linked to American football star Justin James 'JJ' Watt in recent months, said it irritates her when her former relationship with 26-year-old Rory is brought up during tennis press conferences and elsewhere.

"I am so much further along in my life, and I'm so much happier now," she says of life after the end of the three-year relationship with Rory, who is now dating 29-year-old American Erica Stoll.

"I don't think there is a reason to go back (to talking about Rory)", said Caroline, who initially thought the infamous break-up call from McIlroy was a joke until she realised he was very serious about abruptly ending the engagement.

She later described her sudden and dramatic change in circumstances as "like someone dying in front of you".

"Obviously, the relationship with Rory taught me so much and made me the person I am today, but at this point, I am like, I've moved on, Rory has moved on, and I am ready for the media to move on," she said.

Caroline did reveal, however, that it was world No 1 tennis player Serena Williams - herself no stranger to messy break-ups with famous men - who helped nurse her through the trauma of the failed engagement.

"It's great to have a friend like Serena who will tell you the truth," says Wozniacki, adding that the pair "talk about everything except tennis".

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