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Izzard: My new character's a genius

Eddie Izzard has revealed he'll never abandon stand-up, but says he's looking for more than just laughs as an actor.

The British comic decided to guest star in the Stateside TV series US Of Tara - which stars Toni Collette as a suburban mum with multiple personalities - because of the show's complexity.

"I normally try not to do comedies, but it's a dramatic comedy, a drama with a comedic edge. There seem to be two different types of comedies that exist these days. I thought, 'Let's go do it,'" he said.

Eddie plays a professor who meets Tara when she decides to finish her college degree and signs up for his abnormal psychology class.

He said of his character: "This guy is a broken genius. He's brilliant but has erred in his past, and that's why he's teaching in Kansas. I thought I could tap into that, someone who thinks that he's brilliant but the world says is not brilliant."

Meanwhile, Muriel's Wedding star Toni said working with Eddie, 49, was a joy.

"I love his humour, his swagger and all that he has brought to season three," she added.

US Of Tara, a Showtime series which was created by Oscar-winning Juno writer Diablo Cody, also co-stars John Corbett and Rosemarie DeWitt.


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