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Jack Black provides the Goosebumps at LA premiere

Hollywood comedian Jack Black came in character as Goosebumps author RL Stine for the world premiere of the film based on his books.

The School Of Rock star plays the role of Stine in a film about three teenagers who discover the characters from the series of children's books can escape from the pages.

Dressed up as the character he plays on the big screen in a black shirt and black-framed glasses with slicked back hair, Black was accompanied by his two sons, who were also dressed up as characters from the film.

Speaking in the voice of Stine on the red carpet in Los Angeles, he said: "I have heard that Jack Black is here dressed as RL Stine and I will have a few words with him about that, I am not amused in the least. Where is that rapscallion? I will have words with him. Mark my words, we shall have words."

Black added that he and the film's director Robert Letterman met the author before work on the film began

Speaking as Stine, he said: "I met Jack Black and Robert Letterman in New York before they started shooting and I saw the glint in their eyes that said they had the spirit of adventure and sense of purpose that they needed to bring my books to the screen.

"I've seen the film five times and they captured the spirit of the Goosebumps series so perfectly and Jack Black, what an actor, what a force of nature. Man alive, his acting is beyond compare. Is he one of the greats? Obviously."

:: Goosebumps will be released in UK cinemas on February 6 2016.


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