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Jack Dee makes a Bad Move in new ITV comedy about escaping to the countryside

Jack Dee is writing and starring in a new ITV comedy based on making that dream escape to the country - and the horrors it can come with.

Bad Move sees Steve (Dee) and his wife Nicky (Kerry Godliman) move to the countryside, only to be plagued by unscrupulous estate agents, money-guzzling builders, an internet black spot and flooding.

But their financial rut and the shame of proving their sceptical friends right means they have no choice but to see it through.

Dee said: "This is a comedy about the grass always being greener on the other side of the fence - until you jump over the fence and realise it's an algae-covered stagnant pond of sludge."

The single-camera show, co-written by Pete Sinclair, will begin filming over the spring and come to screens for a prime-time slot later this year.

It will begin with the wishful couple happily convinced, after being taken in by glossy lifestyle magazines and TV relocation shows, that the time has come to "get away from the rat race".

ITV's comedy commissioner Saskia Schuster said: "Husband and wife Steve and Nicky find out how painfully true the adage 'be careful what you wish for' can be, but at least they are united in their dislike of their new life.

"Jack Dee and Pete Sinclair's brilliantly funny scripts pit these two misguided characters against their new environment - two characters who could also learn from the adage 'pride comes before a fall'."


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