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Jack: Osbournes even stronger now

Jack Osbourne has told how his family's recent troubles have made them "even stronger".

The reality TV star revealed last year that he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and this year his wife Lisa suffered a miscarriage. Parents Sharon and Ozzy also went through a tough time when the Black Sabbath star admitted he had suffered a relapse with his substance abuse issues, which was rumoured to have caused the couple to temporarily separate.

Jack told the Daily Mirror: "It has been a very difficult year.

"I don't want to go into details about what my parents went through because that's their business. It is hard to imagine my parents not being together.

"I actually ended up keeping a lot of my stuff secret from my mum as she was such an emotional basket case if I did. She's a tiger mum, but that only works when she's able to function. If I ever tell her any bad news, she falls apart."

Jack, 28, admitted that when he was diagnosed he worried he would end up in a wheelchair and said his family have helped him to cope with his illness.

"Years like this can either tear you apart or make you stronger - and with the Osbournes, it's made us even stronger," he said.

"My illness has made us realise how fragile we all are and given us some perspective. When we're together, we are a tribe, it's business as usual - it's crazy."


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