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Jacqueline Jossa 'itching' for return to EastEnders

Soap star and new mother Jacqueline Jossa said she is "itching" for a return to the EastEnders cast, having endured year-long speculation about her relationship with fiance Dan Osborne.

The 23-year-old, currently on hiatus in her role as Lauren Branning in the BBC series, said she has had to delete social media apps after responding to allegations about former The Only Way Is Essex (Towie) regular Dan.

Jossa, who gave birth to daughter Ella last year, told The Sun On Sunday's Fabulous magazine: "There are people who have always had it in for us, a million per cent. Definitely, and I know who they are. And then a lo t of people just jumped on the bandwago n and tried to create drama.

She said her family has become "an easy target" for online trolls, and added: "I' m a very outspoken person, so I have to delete tweets after I post them a lo t of the time.

"I deleted all the apps of f my phone for a coupl e of months when it was getting really bad and I just go t on with my life instead. Wh y am I even paying attention to 'Gaz1237' anyway ? Like, who the hell ar e you?"

Jossa is due to return to Albert Square later this year after taking a break from filming to have Ella.

She said: "I've been itching to get back, and I get jealou s when I see it .

"I love a big, angry storyline. I just want more pain. It's boring when they'r e happy.

"EastEnders is best at misery, sadness and anger, and I just miss screaming, crying - they're the scenes I am best at."


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