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Jada: Gotham brings out dark side

Jada Pinkett Smith has admitted she loves exploring her dark side in new TV show Gotham.

The actress stars as new character gang boss Fish Mooney in the origins show set in pre-Batman Gotham City, which is due to air on Channel 5 in mid October.

Jada said: "I have loved it because it gives my shadow a place to play... safely. All that shadow in Jada gets to come out and dive into Fish Mooney and have a life.

"This is my dark side because Fish Mooney doesn't have to be good all the time, and it's really fun!

"She's a hot-headed little woman and there's a lot more to come!"

Jada stars opposite f ormer OC star Ben McKenzie, who plays James Gordon in the action-packed Warner Bros series, which follows his rise from rookie detective to future Police Commissioner, navigating the layers of corruption that secretly rule the city. Donal Logue is his on-screen partner Harvey Bullock.

Ben teased: "Almost every week there's a case that Harvey and James are trying to solve, which ties into the large theme of Gotham falling apart.

"And meanwhile the villains that are to become the icons are around and evolve over time.

"So there's the young Penguin played beautifully by Robin Taylor, Cory Michael Smith plays Edward Nygma, who will become The Riddler. Catwoman, the young Bruce Wayne - these are iconic characters and there's a lot of others that I can't mention. But each episode there's a real treat."

Sean Pertwee portrays Alfred Pennyworth, who eventually becomes Bruce Wayne/Batman's butler, with David Mazouz, who previously starred in Touch, as the young Bruce Wayne who has been left orphaned after his billionaire parents were murdered.

Sean explained Alfred is a lot more to Bruce than just a butler after the death of his parents.

He revealed: "It explores the relationship with Bruce and Alfred, after the demise of his parents. What makes him become the person he is, and you realise Alfred is archetypal in his development as a man."


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