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Jaden Smith: 'I'm an outsider'

The teenager celebrates unconventionality.

Actor Jaden Smith's quirky personality helps him make the best career decisions.

The 18-year-old, who is the son of Hollywood A-listers Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, tells Variety he began feeling like an outsider from an early age, revealing he has always looked at life differently.

"I always knew no one was going to understand me - since before I could talk - and that’s why I was so quiet," he explains. "I was very calm, very to myself. I could tell I felt about life differently than other kids; I could tell by the way they treated me.”

His unique personality has proven to be invaluable when it comes to selecting new projects, such as his fresh Netflix series The Get Down, which was written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Baz Luhrmann.

"I knew I was going to say yes," Jaden recalls of his first meeting with Baz.

In addition to making moves in the entertainment industry, trendsetter Jaden is also attached to fashion, having recently launched his new clothing line MSFTSrep.

The teenager has grabbed headlines in the past for sporting skirts and dresses, and when asked to elaborate on his intentions with MSFTSrep, the star made it clear he is reaching out to fellow outsiders.

"It’s pronounced 'misfits'," he details. "I took the 'I' out of ‘misfits’ because we’re a team and there is no ‘I’ in team. It’s a place for the lost kids and everyone to go, and something for them to have."

“(It's for) the girl that wants to be a tomboy or the boy that wants to wear a skirt, and people try to condemn," he adds. "We’re here for you. Tell us your stories. If someone at your school’s trying to pick on you, it doesn’t matter because Jaden Smith’s got your back."

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