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Jaime: I don't need fight training

Jaime Winstone may have shaved her head to play a soldier in the new series of Mad Dogs but she insisted she didn't need fight training.

The 26-year-old actress has shaved off all her hair to play the tough female in the new series of the Sky thriller, which was filmed on location in South Africa, but insisted she already had all the instincts required for the physical aspects of the role.

Asked if she had had extra training Jaime said: "No, no no. I know that. I can do that. Instincts, you know."

Jaime explained: "I just did Mad Dogs series three playing a militant kind of character. It was awesome, a lot of fun indeed. She's quite full on, feisty, a soldier - military trained."

The Made In Dagenham star next appears in British horror film Elfie Hopkins, which also stars her father Ray Winstone.

Jaime said: "The whole journey of Elfie Hopkins has been such a learning curve in film but for me this the sort of film I want to watch, so to be involved in it is a dream come true really."


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