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Jaime: I'm always cast as stripper

Jaime Winstone has said she still finds the types of acting roles she is offered are quite restricted.

The 28-year-old London-born actress plays a stripper who discovers that the man she has been having an affair with has been killed in new Channel 4 drama Run.

Although she came to prominence in Noel Clarke's Kidulthood, it was her role as one of the victims in BBC One drama Five Daughters that showed she should be taken seriously.

Even so, she's discovered the roles she is offered can still be quite limited. "I'm a young British actress, so you do get a lot of scripts for prostitutes and strippers, which shows there's a lack of material but also that there are a lot of strippers and prostitutes," she said with a shrug.

Jaime is happy to take on roles that others might flinch from. "I've got a lot of mates who are strippers and they're great girls. Some do it to keep fit, some do it to earn good money and that's what I liked about Tara. You judge her automatically but she's a mother. There's a backdrop to everyone. The baddies aren't necessarily baddies, they're just trying to have a good chance at life."

Jaime also accepts that in her profession, there are sometimes gaps between roles.

"You have to keep yourself proactive," said the actress, who busies herself with writing and taking photography courses when she's not in character. "You're not working all year round. Some people are, some people aren't and that's the way this business is.

"But I find there's a lack of material or a narrow-minded view where you're only getting certain roles or just not being put up for things because you sound like this or you're a working-class actor."

One person who's sure to be watching Run is her actor father Ray. "My parents are very proud and they'll definitely be watching," she said. "They definitely tell me what they think and they're very critical, so they keep me on my toes for sure."

:: Run starts on Channel 4 on Monday July 15.


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