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Jaime King opens up about desperate battle to become a mum

The Pearl Harbor star struggled to have a child after being diagnosed with endometriosis and poly-cystic ovary syndrome.

Actress Jaime King suffered "countless" miscarriages and almost lost both her kids as she battled a painful reproductive condition.

The Nebraska-born Pearl Harbor star has opened up about her difficult pregnancies to Galore magazine, revealing there was a time she felt worthless as a woman because she couldn't carry a baby to term.

"A big shift in me happened when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and poly-cystic ovary syndrome, which are very painful illnesses," she tells the publication. "I also had countless miscarriages and almost lost my children.

"I thought that because my womb didn’t work the way I was taught it should work, I was broken. We are told as women that our great value is to be able to carry life, to carry a child. If we’re fertile and abundant, we’re a worthy goddess. But for some reason, those parts don’t function for some of us."

When she first discovered she couldn’t carry a child the 38-year-old was left "crushed", telling Galore, "I felt ashamed that I was suffering every day. I would wake up in pools of blood, and feel ashamed."

And when she did eventually become a mum, she couldn't enjoy the feeling because she was hit with severe postpartum depression.

"I was anxious all the time, I felt like I was unlovable," she adds. "I couldn’t even think straight. I had to live through an entire pregnancy where I didn’t know if my child was going to live or die. I couldn’t even process the trauma because I was too busy trying to keep him and myself alive."

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