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Jameela Jamil criticises stars who promote diet products online

The Good Place actress said fans should not take dietary advice from celebrities.

Jameela Jamil (Ian West/PA)
Jameela Jamil (Ian West/PA)

Jameela Jamil has taken aim at celebrities who promote diet products online, advising fans to “unfollow, delete, repeat”.

The British actress, an advocate for body positivity, shared a picture on Twitter of Khloe Kardashian advertising a brand of weight-loss shake on social media.

“Life is too short,” Jamil wrote, adding a thumbs-down emoji.

In another tweet, she advised her followers: “The only diet advice you should take from celebrities is: ‘DON’T TAKE DIET ADVICE FROM CELEBRITIES.’

“They don’t give a flying f*** about you, or your kidneys or your liver or your mental health.

“Unfollow, delete, repeat.”

She continued: “Spend your money that you would spend on the bullshit teas, shakes, cellulite creams, stretch mark creams, anti age creams, none of which work… ON THERAPY.

“A much better use of time and cash.”

It is not the first time Jamil has criticised celebrities for promoting diet and beauty products online, with Khloe’s sister Kim Kardashian West and their mother Kris Jenner among those who have come under fire in the past.



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