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James Corden reveals 'big worry' about move to the US is impact on children


James Corden is host of The Late Late Show

James Corden is host of The Late Late Show

James Corden is host of The Late Late Show

Comedian James Corden has said the "big worry" about his move to the US is the impact it may have on his children.

The 37-year-old upped sticks from the UK with his wife Julia, son Max, four, and daughter Carey, one, to host The Late Late Show on the CBS network.

"We are a long way from grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends. It is tough," Corden told the Big Issue.

"But I am home much more than if I was making a film. I feel very conscious that my children are only going to be young once. And, as far as I can tell, no one ends up on a therapist's chair saying, 'my dad was around too much giving me too many cuddles'."

On the same topic, he added: "My big worry is for my daughter. I worry she is not going to know life in Britain.

"It will just be a place we come to in winter where she is going to be, 'Oh my god, why is it so cold? Grandma and granddad don't even have a pool, this is disgusting'. I really hope that doesn't happen.

"My wife is speaking posher and posher around the house to try to keep them British."

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Corden revealed how much he missed "that element of spontaneity" which is possible in London, but not so attainable in Los Angeles.

"I really miss the architecture of the UK, which is something I never thought I would say. In London, Leeds or Liverpool you are always rewarded if you look up. You will see a beautiful building," he stated.

"In north London we had a great thing I now realise I took for granted. We could just go out and find our day. Leave the house, potter around, pop in for food - it is all on your doorstep, that element of spontaneity.

"But LA is like a vast series of disparate towns. Everywhere is a destination. You get in your car."

But there are compensations for the man who rose to fame as Smithy in BBC series Gavin & Stacey.

The Late Late Show is a big draw in the US. His late night series has welcomed A-listers including Tom Hanks, One Direction, David Beckham, Halle Berry and Russell Crowe.

"I get to sing a bit, dance a bit, act a bit, write a bit. And the show has been a hit. It is a huge relief," he said.

"I realise now how stupid it was to just take someone completely unknown in the US and expect it to work. So I am beyond thrilled by the response."

Corden's chat show has a regular feature called Carpool Karaoke in which he drives around chatting and singing with celebrities.

Numerous editions of Carpool Karaoke have gone viral, including one with Motown legend Stevie Wonder.

"It is ridiculous to find yourself in a car singing along with Stevie Wonder!" he enthused. "It is insane that this could be my life."

Corden's busy year has included receiving an OBE for his services to drama, a cameo in hit film The Lady In The Van (written for him by Alan Bennett), and a Christmas single with Kylie Minogue.

Corden returns to Sky1 for Bafta award-winning panel series, A League Of Their Own on January 7, 2016.

"I will always come back to do A League Of Their Own," he confirmed.

"But I will be doing The Late Late Show for five years. By then I will be 40, which seems a good time to take stock."

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