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James Cromwell arrested at SeaWorld

The actor was led away from the theme park in handcuffs.

Babe star James Cromwell has been arrested again during a protest at SeaWorld in San Diego, California.

The actor and animal rights activist was handcuffed and taken into custody on Monday (24Jul17) while he was leading a PETA demonstration and calling for a boycott of the tourist attraction until the theme park's orcas are released into "coastal sanctuaries".

Cromwell was wearing a T-shirt featuring the words 'SeaWorld Sucks' as police officers led him away from the theme park's Orca Encounter show, where he attempted to inform the audience about the park's history of "premature orca deaths and marine mammal suffering", according to PETA.

"Orcas deserve a full life in the ocean, not a life sentence of swimming endless circles until they drop dead from disease," Cromwell told WENN before his arrest. "My friends at PETA and I want SeaWorld to move these intelligent animals to seaside sanctuaries without delay."

The arrest comes less than a month after the actor was sentenced to seven days behind bars after failing to settle fines relating to a 2015 bust at a New York power plant.

The 77-year-old was among a group of six environmental protesters detained by police at the entrance of the Competitive Power Ventures plant in Wawayanda while staging a sit-in. They were convicted of obstructing traffic and fined $250 (£192) each.

Cromwell and two other activists refused to pay up by the 29 June (17) deadline, prompting the judge presiding over the case to hand the trio jail time.

The court official initially declared Cromwell would have to report to jail on 30 June (17), but his attorney, Michael Sussman, asked for time to appeal for a stay in the sentence.

Cromwell and the activists picketing the natural gas power plant believe toxins from the plant could be dangerous to the health of nearby residents, and may lower the value of houses in the area.

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