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James Franco gifted Bryan Cranston with a marijuana painting

Bryan Cranston is still working out where to place James Franco's artwork in his home.

James Franco gave his Why Him? co-star Bryan Cranston a painting of a marijuana leaf he did himself as a present.

The two men appear in the new comedy about a protective father (Bryan) who doesn’t approve of the vulgar tech millionaire (James) his daughter, played by Zoey Deutch, is dating. While Bryan and James played enemies on the silver screen the pair actually got on famously in real life, with the 27 Hours star even offering the Breaking Bad actor a piece of art he created for the film.

"I brought it home to my wife,” Bryan, 60, told talk show host Conan O’Brien of the simple green marijuana leaf on a white canvas design. “We've been together for almost 30 years, and we have a nice little Connecticut home, and I said, 'Honey, where do you think this would fit?' And she said, 'I don't know if it would fit anywhere.’”

"Over the bed," James quipped, to which Bryan replied: "Over the bed, possibly. (James) actually painted it with real marijuana leaf in the painting."

James, 38, created most of the pieces that appear in his alter-ego’s extravagant home and took them from his own personal collection as he thought they’d be “funnier” and more true to his character Laird. One bizarre painting is of two capybaras getting intimate with the words ‘Humping capybaras’ beneath the rodents, however James’ first draft wasn’t quite accurate.

"I got it wrong. I thought they were hamsters, so it was 'F' word hamsters, and then I put it online and everyone was like, 'No, those are capybaras.' So I PG'd it up..." the handsome star grinned.

With the jingle of Christmas bells now in full swing, Why Him? joins other funny festive flicks Office Christmas Party and Almost Christmas released for the 2016 holidays.

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