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James McAvoy to return to Neverwhere in Neil Gaimain's Radio 4 follow-up

James McAvoy is to make a return to BBC Radio 4 with a cameo in a new dramatisation of a short story by author Neil Gaiman.

The actor will step back into Gaiman's universe for a second time in the Neverwhere follow-up, How The Marquis Got His Coat Back.

He will return for a short stint as his previous character, businessman Richard Mayhew, who discovered the magical realm of London Below in the radio adaptation of Neverwhere.

McAvoy said: "It's just a privilege professionally, but in terms of creatively it's just fun to go back into that world where so much is unknown and anything is possible.

'"t (London Below) really is a flip side to normal suburban, or domestic or urban life. And anything can happen and that's always an exciting environment to act in."

The tale follows the Marquis de Carabas, who embarks on a journey to find his lost coat.

The X-Men actor said he would not mind trying his hand at surviving in the Marquis's world.

He said: " I reckon that I'd like a panic button though, it'd be like paintballing I think where you go 'yeah I can do this, this is brilliant', when five minutes in you've hit loads of people then the next thing you know, you get 20 pellets in your head.

"I think it would be like that, so I'd like a panic button that could get me out of danger when it goes a bit wrong."

Actor Paterson Joseph, who played the Marquis in the 1996 BBC TV adaptation of Neverwhere, will return to voice the lead character.

He is joined by Hustle's Adrian Lester, Rising Damp's Don Warrington, comedian Mitch Benn and the Detectorists Divian Ladwa.

The Wombles' Bernard Cribbins will reprise his role of Old Bailey from the previous Radio 4 Neverwhere production.

:: How The Marquis Got His Coat Back will air on BBC Radio 4 on November 4.


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