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James Nesbitt set for Cold Feet 'embarrassment'

James Nesbitt
James Nesbitt

By Alex Green

James Nesbitt has said the new series of the ITV comedy Cold Feet will see his character go to a "painfully embarrassing" place as he struggles to embrace maturity.

The 53-year-old reprises his role as Adam Williams in the long-running drama, which returns to screens early next year.

It will see his alter-ego Williams grappling with the maturity expected of a middle-aged man.

Nesbitt said Williams would experience a "big eye-opener" but that it would involve him going to a "painfully embarrassing" place.

He said: "I think rebooting this series has served me well as we go into our middle-ages.

"I felt that by this series it was time Adam and the writers moved on slightly from this: 'Will Adam settle down or how do we deal with his age?'

"I think they're going to deal with it in this series, and I think to do that you have to get to that place where it's almost painfully embarrassing.

"Sometimes for people who are in complete denial about things, they need a very big eye-opener and I think it comes and it's delivered through humour and pathos and embarrassment and awkwardness, it encompasses all of those things and we get to somewhere by the end of it.

"He certainly doesn't change overnight, but only then can you begin to move him on."

Cold Feet returned in 2016 after a 12-year hiatus.

The Coleraine-born actor said he thought the immaturity of Williams, as well as of men in general, stemmed from a fear of women.

He said: "I think men are terrified of women, not because they're scary but because they're more capable and developed and can better men so much more easily than the other way around.

"I grew up with three older sisters, so there's an element of my philosophy attached to that."

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