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James Nesbitt works up 'quite a sweat' listening to Justin Bieber at the gym

James Nesbitt has joked that he works up "quite a sweat" exercising to Justin Bieber.

The Missing actor has two teenage daughters and admitted he has found himself pounding the treadmill while listening to their pop favourites.

Talking about the music he plays in the gym, Nesbitt told the Radio Times: "I have even listened to Justin Bieber when I'm working out.

"The girls had been listening to his new album in the car, and I put it on in the gym and found myself working up quite a sweat.

"Bieber was good."

Nesbitt, 51, has also picked up some TV viewing habits from his children.

"I can say with certainty that I have seen more of Don't Tell The Bride than any man of my age should ever see," he said.

"I also know much more about the Kardashians than I ever intended to in my life."

But the actor revealed that his girls aren't that interested in their own dad being on television.

He said: "It's one of the least interesting things in their lives.

"They were into The Missing but that was nothing to do with me, really, they thought it was a good story."

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