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James: Sun series had great script

Lennie James has revealed his Low Winter Sun role was exactly the type of part he was looking for.

The Line Of Duty actor plays a detective in the cop drama, a US adaptation of the original Channel 4 mini-series in the UK, and said he was instantly drawn to the material.

He said it was "by far the best script that came my way last year".

Lennie added: "It's the kind of part I like to play. I like people who have got a kind of internal monologue going on and what they're putting on the outside isn't necessarily what's going on in the inside.

"It's a really brilliant, simple premise that's easy to tell and can take you in a million different directions."

The US version of Low Winter Sun is set in Detroit and also stars Lennie's fellow Brit Mark Strong, who reprises the role of a homicide detective he played in the English series.

The show begins with their characters killing a fellow cop in what appears to be an act of retribution. The story goes on from there, peeling back the consequences from that act.

"This is not a cop show - the police element is the framework, but what you're actually dealing with are people trying to cope against all odds," said Mark.

Mark said that setting and filming the show in Detroit also worked well.

"What it has is a fantastic backdrop because you have a cityscape that is as in need of repair as all of the characters are in this show ... but we're not suggesting for a second that everything that goes on in Detroit is dark and down and dirty," he said. "What we found here is this amazing place to be able to play out all the psychology of all the characters that have been created ... It wouldn't work in New York or LA or anywhere else, to be honest, other than here."


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