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Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt 'won't lose sleep' over criticism of Irish accents in Wild Mountain Thyme


Wild Mountain Thyme

Wild Mountain Thyme

Wild Mountain Thyme

Wild Mountain Thyme stars Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt have said they’re "not losing sleep" over mockery of their Irish accents in the film.

The trailer went viral on social media last year as many took aim at the clichés in the film, along with the accents of the two stars.

But the two leads told Sky News they "won't lose sleep" over the criticism by the Irish embassy in the US among others.

Holywood-born Dornan said: "It’s kind of par for the course. I’m from Ireland and we’re known for taking the p*** pretty much out of everything - it comes with the territory,” he said. “I think that’s fine and everyone’s going to have their opinion. We are doing the accents that we planned to do.”

The 38-year-old actor continued: "There’s so many dialects based on a very small island and I get the p*** taken out of me for the way I sound all the time, just as me. A lot of people don’t understand me all the time, and that’s fine. That’s something I’ve dealt with my whole life."

Emily Blunt said she wasn't surprised by the criticism. "We’re neither of us from that part of the world. And so ultimately, when you’re doing an accent, you just do your best," she said.

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"This film is not really about accents, it’s about something much bigger than that. I just want people to go and see it now and be transported to the fact that this is really a love letter to Ireland," she said.

"We loved doing it, we loved being in Ireland, we loved the Irish people. So, I think the p***-taking from Irish people about people who aren’t from Ireland playing Irish, I sort of shoulder shrug about it really."

Wild Mountain Thyme is set in Mullingar, Co Westmeath and tells the tale of a romance intertwined with a family dispute over a farm.

It's based on US playwright and screenwriter John Patrick Shanley’s Broadway play Outside Mullingar, who also directs the film.

Dornan said Shanley, whose father was from Ireland, told the actors that if they “sounded anything like the real people [the film’s] based on, nobody would understand”.

"So, we’re trying to find accents that everyone in the world will understand and that’s what we feel we did. We’re not going to lose any sleep over some people having a bit of fun with it," he said.

Blunt said she was "bewitched" by the script, which deals with the slow rekindling of a first love.

Meanwhile, Dornan revealed that he wasn't a hit with the opposite sex in his earlier years. "A lot of swing and misses for me, I think most people have that history, don’t they?

"I definitely was someone who struggled with confidence with girls when I was a kid. I definitely had a lot of girls that I really liked who definitely didn’t like me back."

Wild Mountain Thyme is released on all major UK digital platforms from April 30.

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