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Jamie Dornan on the quirks of being a Hollywood heart-throb


Happy couple: Jamie Dornan with his wife Amelie Warner

Happy couple: Jamie Dornan with his wife Amelie Warner

Happy couple: Jamie Dornan with his wife Amelie Warner

From the hills of Holywood to the Hollywood hills, Jamie Dornan has always attracted attention.

But, as he reveals in an interview with Variety magazine, it can sometimes be a little creepy.

And during Covid lockdown one fan letter threw up something he found a little freaky.

The star of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies was sent a collage of photographs of a child, with a note about his most famous role.

"Someone was saying that it was my kid, and my wife (Amelia Warner) should know that I have this kid who's seven years old," he said.

"I think they were trying to say that the kid was mine and Dakota Johnson's, and we'd had this baby while we made the first 'Fifty Shades' movie," Dornan said.

"It piqued our interest, let's say. It was a bit freaky."

Dornan's next project is closer to home when he will explore his lighter side in the Irish love story Wild Mountain Thyme, scheduled for release on December 11.

"It's like an injection of joy into the veins," he said, though it attracted unwanted attention for the accents of Dornan and co-stars Emily Blunt and Christopher Walken when the trailer appeared online.

Both Dornan and co-star Blunt worked with dialect coach Brendan Gunn, listening to tapes of people from the Ballina area of Mayo where the movie was filmed. Dornan said he wanted to sound less metropolitan, which is why he does not speak in his normal voice.

"You have to make the accent more accessible to a global audience," he said.

Hot on the heels of his Irish romance, Dornan will be seen in Kenneth Branagh's autobiographical 1960s movie Belfast, filmed under strict quarantine guidelines.

"The first couple of days, I was like, 'This is crazy. I haven't seen Kenneth Branagh's face yet.' It's masks, and it's strange, but then it's amazing how quickly you adapt."

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