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Jamie Dornan tries to make Fifty Shades co-star giggle during sex scenes

The actor has slammed reports the racy films have caused trouble in his marriage.

Fifty Shades of Grey hunk Jamie Dornan attempts to ruin sex scenes with his onscreen partner Dakota Johnson by making silly noises.

The 34-year-old Northern Irish heartthrob is getting hot and heavy with Johnson in the new sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, which hits cinemas this weekend (10-12Feb17), but he insists the torrid scenes aren't as romantic and passionate as they appear - behind the cameras, Jamie is just trying to prank his often naked onscreen lover - and make her giggle.

"I make noises throughout," Dornan said during an appearance on Graham Norton's U.K. chat show on Friday (10Feb17). "American-accented noises.

"My temptation is always just to try to make Dakota laugh, so sometimes I’ll do things like, when there’s a moment where I’m meant to, you know, orgasm, I’ll be like, 'Doo doo doo dah do!'"

Meanwhile, in a new interview with The Daily Telegraph, Jamie slammed reports the film has caused problems in his marriage to British actress Amelia Warner, insisting stories suggesting she was furious about her husband's racy onscreen scenes with Dakota were entirely untrue - although he admits Amelia won't watch the films.

"The more public interest there is in you, the more horrible people become,” Dornan said. "People start to say disgusting things about your family, about your children."

The couple wed in 2013 and live with their two children - Phoebe, one, and three-year-old Dulcie - in a five-bedroom home with a swimming pool and tennis court in a remote village in the Cotswolds.

“We chose to live a really quiet life," admits Dornan. "I mean, we open our doors and there’s just sheep and lambs."

He understands that his job requires him to live a very different life sometimes but insists it's only for a tiny percentage of his time.

“If I am in Los Angeles and have to go to premieres and to dinners and meet fans, I feel like a different person and it’s so mad. But it’s probably 10 nights of the year my life is like that, and the rest of the time it’s sheep."

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