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Jamie Dornan's dream role was to be the next Jerry Maguire

Actor Jamie Dornan
Actor Jamie Dornan
Jamie Dornan, (right) in Fifty Shades Darker

By Aaron Tinney

Jamie Dornan would have indulged in drinking alone or become a Jerry Maguire-style sports agent if he had not gone into acting.

The former model said he revels in downing whiskey and Guinness in his spare time, and added he nursed an ambition to represent sports stars after he saw Tom Cruise's famous film turn as a flashy athletes' representative.

When asked what he would have done if he had not ended up becoming an actor, Dornan joked: "I'd be drinking alone in Ireland… Guinness probably with a whiskey chaser."

But he added after laughing: "It would probably be something in sports. Not playing it, but it's a big passion of mine, so I would have windled my way into it. Jerry Maguire probably - every guy watched that movie and said, 'Oh I want to be a sports agent', and I was probably that guy."

Dornan (35) spoke of his admiration for sports agents in a recent interview with Seattle television station KING 5 News.

The Holywood-born dad-of-two was being interviewed as part of his promotional trail for the second instalment in the Fifty Shades Of Grey franchise.

Fifty Shades Darker sees Dornan and his co-star Dakota Johnson getting very intimate as their characters Christian and Ana.

The film has been propelled to the top of DVD and Blu-ray charts in America thanks to its 13 minutes of unseen footage cut from the cinema version. British fans will have to wait until next month to see the uncut film.

Despite his Fifty Shades character Christian's infamous love of unorthodox intimacy, Dornan said he identifies with him.

A KING 5 News interviewer told Dornan they thought Christian had become more "human and approachable" in the latest Fifty Shades film and asked if he had injected more of his own personality in him this time around.

Dornan replied: "Not really, I think it lived within him anyway and we just didn't get a chance to see it before.

"The version of him that we see in the second and third films is much closer to me and has more elements of me - as Jamie - going into it, which I was more comfortable with."

But the actor - who shocked audiences with his portrayal of serial killer Paul Spector in TV drama The Fall - admitted his on-screen transformations scare his eldest daughter Dulcie (3) who he has along with another girl by singer wife Amelia Warner (34).

When asked how his kids react to him shaving off his beard or shaving his head for roles, he said: "It's tricky. My three-year-old will give me a very blunt appraisal. I always warn them first. I mean, our other daughter isn't even one yet so she doesn't really know. But it's trickier for her because she's so used to me looking a certain way and I can't say, 'Daddy has to cut his hair tomorrow', because she doesn't understand what I'm saying, so she has had a few shocks."

Dornan is currently on screen in a drama about the 1983 Maze prison break that were represented at this year's Cannes film festival.

H-Block, directed by the Oscar-nominated, Wicklow-born Jim Sheridan, also stars Cillian Murphy and Pierce Brosnan. It is on "sale" at Cannes, which means it is looking for a big film studio to take on the project and provide funding, which shows how a prison officer was fatally stabbed when 38 escapees broke out of the Maze, including senior Sinn Fein politician Gerry Kelly.

Dornan has just finished making drama Untogether about a heroin-addicted writer, and the third Fifty Shades film, Fifty Shades Freed, is being released next year.

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