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Jamie Dornan's English super fans going that extra mile to see their Fifty Shades heartthrob

By Claire Williamson

To the rest of the world they may look like gluttons for punishment - but Jamie Dornan's super fans are more than happy to go the extra mile for a glimpse of their idol.

The Co Down actor won the adoration of many across the world when he took on the role of billionaire Christian Grey in the erotic Fifty Shades Of Grey movies.

And now his most devoted fans are travelling hundreds of punishing miles to Northern Ireland just for a glimpse of the Holywood-born heartthrob.

It was playing serial killer Paul Spector in The Fall alongside X Files actress Gillian Anderson that first put Dornan in the spotlight and earned him a growing legion of fans.

Dornan is filming the third series of the BBC crime drama in Belfast at the moment, and fans have been flocking here in a bid to meet him.

Among those were four friends from across England who met at the Fifty Shades premiere in London when they camped out overnight to get the best spot.

They came in the hope they would bump into him - and they succeeded on Monday. Their photos have been shared around the world, but no one knew the lengths the four went to for their chat with the former model.

And they aren't alone, as it's understood fans have also travelled from Europe over the last few weeks.

Nicole Shaw (26) from Shropshire, Georgia Copeland (23) from London, Megan Bailey (20) from Sheffield and Natalie Jones (24) from Nottingham are still dumbfounded by the fact they met their hero.

"We thought he'd just take photos and go, but he came over and spoke for a good 10 minutes," Nicole said. "He asked where we were all from and he apologised for how he looked. He took pictures with us all.

"We can't say enough how lovely he is, just a humble guy and down to earth."

Their photos went viral after they were shared on the Jamie Dornan NI fan Facebook page, which is run by Saranne Hardiment from Carrickfergus.

She started the page two years ago and has more than 80,000 followers, and her YouTube account has had almost 50 million views.

Her page has become a reference for fans all over the world.

She told the Belfast Telegraph: "I thought it was brilliant that someone from our little country was in such a high-profile role in Fifty Shades.

"I thought I could provide something with a local connection."

And while she hasn't met the actor herself, Saranne said fans were delighted for each other when they got their Jamie selfie.

"Everyone has it on their goal list," she said.

"Autographs are fine, but we all want a picture."

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