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Jane looks to whip it as Bake Off innuendos keep flowing

Once again, the judges, presenters and contestants did not fail to get slightly suggestive with an array of jokes during The Great British Bake Off as the series arrived at the semi-final stage.

Patisserie Week saw the bakers challenged to cook up puff pastry savoury palmiers, yeast-based savarin drizzle cakes and 36 delicate fondant fancies, and they also managed to cook up some cheeky innuendos.

Selasi Gbormittah also became slightly too big for his boots and tried to take over the show during one challenge.

Here are some of the funniest moments from the episode:

:: Gbormittah took on the job of hosts Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc as he shouted to the bakers during the signature challenge: "An hour gone, two hours left."

Perkins replied: "Are you doing me out of a job mate? This is all I had! I was like the speaking clock but with puns. That's all we had."

:: Candice Brown on preparing her palmiers.

"This is my second set, I'm just rolling in my nuts."

:: Perkins to baker Andrew Smyth over the male-on-male competition in the tent ahead of the final.

"It's hard to beat Selasi. I mean, you want to be the only cock in the hen coop, on a pure Darwinian level."

:: Jane Beedle on her technical challenge techniques.

"I thought maybe I'd whip it, but I think I'll go with my dough hook."

:: Gbormittah discussing his method for mixing his yeast-based dough.

"I'm folding the ingredients in - I don't want to beat it too much."

:: Smyth marvelling over the sheer scale of his dough.

"The first prove was an hour, the second prove was 15 minutes but it is rather large and it will grow more. I think I'll go in."

:: Paul Hollywood commenting on the structure of Brown's savarin.

"To penetrate that far down the liquor is going to find it difficult. It's quite tight at the top."

:: Perkins telling the bakers how much time they have left on their showstopper challenge.

"As I said to Idris Elba last weekend, you have two and a quarter hours to tickle my fancy."


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