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Jane Seymour loving comedic career reboot

Jane Seymour is grateful to have a near constant stream of work coming her way.

Jane Seymour is pleased to find her career is “winding up” once again.

The British-American actress came to prominence in films like 1973 Bond movie Live and Let Die, and the TV series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

But more recently the 65-year-old has taken on less serious parts, starring in 2005’s Wedding Crashers, and Adam Sandler’s upcoming Netflix series, Sandy Wexler.

“I absolutely love comedy and I do get mostly hired to play comedy these days,” Jane told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “Adam Sandler was great fun to work with, he’s a terrific comedian and it’s a very funny script.”

Jane is also appearing in episodes of The CW’s Jane the Virgin and Hooten & the Lady, the forthcoming Now TV series which follows the story of two treasure hunters. And the star is grateful to have a near constant stream of work flowing her way.

“Things are definitely not slowing down, they’re speeding up and I just want to continue to live life to the fullest every day, to appreciate what I have, to try to make a difference wherever I can and to enjoy the people I love,” she shared.

But Jane is careful to balance her work life with spending time with her children and grandchildren.

The London native divorced her fourth husband James Keach last year (15), but has since found love again with her director-producer partner David Green.

“I wasn’t looking for love and I don’t think David was either,” she smiled. “We first met 37 years ago and were going to work together but ultimately didn’t, but then we met again at exactly the right time when both of our marriages had ended and we suddenly realised we had a lot in common and took it from there.”

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